Friday, May 19, 2006

The Girl at Work

The girlfriend called. I think a girlfriend who is a short plane ride away should be deemed to be a good-friend. I don't want to discuss this with her. These things are implied in adult society, and therefore she consented to a constructive break-up of the Lockeian social contract.
There is a girl at work. I don't like to think about her as a co-worker because then every time she talks to the boss and smiles, shaking her hips, I do not want to feel professional jealousy over and above romantic jealousy. I think of her as a girl with dreamy eyes. What does she dream of?
"It's the weeeeekend," she said, tying her hair into a momentary ponytail.
I wonder why she is so excited that it is the weekend, especially since we have to pretend to work through Sunday, even though it's only a long wait behind the typist's chair while he formats the 300 page shareholders' agreement.


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