Monday, May 22, 2006


Someone in my team sent out an e-mail to the boss and to clients. Only, I wasn't marked on it.
I am heartbroken.
I discovered this when one of the clients replied to the e-mail. He marked me on it.
I have sent a mail to this team-member telling him he cheated. You must mark all people who have contributed to it. I contributed 5 footnotes and 2 pages. The final memo mailed to the clients and to the boss and to the other team-member had 4 footnotes and 1 page- it was a summary of my work.
I made sure my mail to this team-member was full of trivial punctuation just to lighten the moment. Even :-) In fact it almost seems like I am flirting with him, like an Asha Parekh. I hope he doesn't conclude I am gay.


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