Friday, July 14, 2006

Chooha- The Foreign Exchange Associate

Chooha (Joshua) smiles all day. What he does, God only knows. What is this exchange program I don't know, fucking swingers.
I said FEMA, check FEMA and he smiled in a way that said- actually I want to laugh at you but I am only smiling. You know, sucking his stomach and mouth pursed a bit too much.
These firangs only think about sex, I hope he doesn't think Fema is some female contra...
Another mistake I made was asking him for a pencil and rubber. Fucking firangs are so perverted: one-track mind. Again Chooha smiled his eyes half-closed like he was dying to breathe or laugh. Then I remembered in some Star TV serial I had seen the fellow say rubber for condom.
These choots can't think of anything else. Even I can act smart, next time he asks "Pen?" with his threaded eyebrows raised I will say "Pen is... pen is..." and start tapping the table, the area close to his elbow.
Stuipd fellow, can't keep to himself, that is his problem.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha ha :) chutiya firang!!!

5:27 AM  
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