Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My First Handshake (Nothing Romantic, Please)

A new Almost-Partner has joined the firm. He wears shiny shoes, and I imagine him in a tutu, impressing, entertaining, the perfect moves, an audience, working.
Tatata turratata tatata turrarata
Then Almost-Partner extended his hand to me. I don't know what I was expected to do. It wasn't lusty, like Semi-Senior's lusty grab, it was more like how village grandmothers press hands of first grandsons.
But when my skin touched his, his fucking hand was so slithery, it slipped away.
My first reaction was to say arre filsal gaya, pakro then I was like fuck what shit I am thinking. Mid-air his hang hung (post-slipping), and I didn'y know whether to reconnect our fingers or to just talk about some office poilitcs and pretend the hand-shaking had never started.
But Almost-Partner's hard remained at that awkward place, like an old woman falling on a street legs up, waiting to be picked.
Just when I thought OK whatever let me complete the handshake, She-Boss walked by. Now she would thinks I was doing funny things with this Almost-Partner, trying to hold hands and what not, then the next stage would be beer-drinking after work.
So in the next three minutes, I had to think of a clever joke about him to quickly say behind his back. "If Almost-Partner knew as much law as he knows politics, he would be a real lawyer," I told She-Boss, and she dug a jootha fork into her tiffin-box and offered me a brown apple.


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Blogger tinybhinder said...

Watch It..Dude!! sounding pretty gay(in last blog)...

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