Monday, June 19, 2006


I think Boss' wife reads this mail and leaves anon comments.
Ma'am, if you are reading this please let Sir know that I have done all the research on SEBI's DIP guidelines for underwriters' agreements and then reviewed our current template in accordance with the DIP Guidelines.
My co-workers will pass it off as their own if they meet you in a corridor ("Ma'am, I am busy doing under-..") Stop them after the "under" so it's a suspense if they were saying underwear, underwater, underwhatever, and ask them the year of the SEBI Guidelines that pertain to underwriters. They won't know.
I won't say the year here, in case they are reading, why tip them off.
I am truly busy even though I blog.
Thank You.
Your Faithfully,
Happy Associate


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how orange is my sister-in-law's hair?
boss's wife.

7:08 AM  

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