Wednesday, May 31, 2006


We should get the women lawyers in this Firm to compete on Cubicle Art.
Whatever loss of conventional feminity law entails, is recovered by pink postcards from old school friends, orange sunrises, mugs that indirectly say "I am cute", pretty poems, cute animals of wood and cloth. Some even pay for flowers (billed monthly)
"Why stuff dead animals on your desk?" I asked one of these women. "You wouldn't use a dead cat."
"What's your problem?" she said, more sing-song than usual. She may have been disappointed because I was lingering around her space for some time before this remark, and I even touched a red flower, like one may touch a lip. Maybe she expected seduction. But she's lost her chance now; I don't appreciate aggression from women who use flowers in their cubicles. You can't fool us into thinking you are a woman who enjoys being teased, or even conversed with.
And if I did like her, I'd buy her flowers. Better still, I'd pay her monthly bills for the flowers. That way, technically, I'm buying her flowers everyday.
(This is a good tip for non-time-intensive romance: pay a flower delivery service a few hundred each month to deliver daliahs to her desk daily. She'll talk about it- women even boast about hickeys these days, and these are only flowers. And that way, a break-up will be even more socially avoidable, because Indian women don't like to be seen as "second-hand." Which gives you more bargaining power in the relationship. Also, her friends will know that you are a sensitive boyfriend-while you last-so that increases your market if you ever decide to quit.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think its nice to personalise ur work station, how u do is an individual choice. if nothing else it does give u some respite , if that is possible, from the boring clicking of comps and the artificial lights.

1:25 AM  
Blogger The Happy Lawyer said...

i was just commenting on the stark gender differences in cubicle-art.
i'm sure it's nice to decorate. in fact, i'm trying to convince the management to send official opinions to clients on beautiful paper, the kind which has dried flowers stuck on it. clicnts can then choose the color, type of flower, design, font etc. it gives more meaning to a "customized opinion."

2:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree there are stark gender diferences. i notice how men prefer half naked, "hot" women featured on their calenders or "i will get motivated" thru the "i shall, i will " type posters. and no woman prints the half naked brad pitt calender btw.

2:54 AM  
Blogger Smith said...

fight fight fight....i bet you guys are in the same office!!! i have an autocar half naked women...only automobiles for me, plus a hideous stationery holder (office legacy), a plastic correspondence tray, which moonlights as a flat, orderly, rubbish bin, and a box of tissues (which since I am in a law firm, I now have to pay for myself, while my old MNC employer used to provide me for free, every week...sigh!)

3:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are quite a prize bitch I must say!!

12:41 AM  

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