Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I plan to tie my pens and books to thick strings of thread. Like they do to glue boxes and pencils in post offices.
The level of inter-cubicle stationery theft is appaling.
Totally unrelated, I haven't got laid for very long. I wonder how much action the other guys get-I suspect not much. I am glad I don't know, now I can assume they don't. And dancing with female co-workers in crowded places doesn't count. Dancing with co-workers in abandoned alleys of the library, amidst AllERs, and AIRs, and Ratanlal Dhirajlal? Maybe.


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Blogger The Happy Lawyer said...

I have made a mental note of your URL and will never visit it, even by careless mistake.
If you are actually a porn site, you may as well actually say so. That way there is a ghost of a chance I will click.

11:47 AM  

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