Saturday, June 10, 2006

House Party

Today I have been invited to a house-party. This is the foreign-returned lawyer's style of saying "come to my house, and bring your own food and drink-i have taken the initiative and called all the women." The cost of getting some expensive wine and some Khan Market-type firang food is much more than getting into a normal pub, and doing my own thing, that too anonymously.
Here, although it's a different firm-crowd but still, I can't even talk to a woman without thinking what if she has slept with some other guy under this safe roof, coz they all know each other. And that makes me feel a little odd, I don't know why. Also I feel my moves are being tracked, and any time I try some thing and a woman doesn't respond, some other dude is smiling at me and playing other dehati mind games which involve boy not getting girl, and which magnify small failures into what is call loss of face.
Oh fuck, and there will be some pseudo talk of wines, South African wine is this, peach wine is that, fortified wine, dark beer. Everyone will pretend to know everything, and noone dare contradict coz u don't know how much the other person actually knows. Fuck I can make a card game on this, teen patti or something.


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