Saturday, June 17, 2006


Where do you go for sushi? He finally asked. I was dreading this question from Mr. London-Return because I had overheard him trying to impress a female senior with this sushi-sashmi talk.
The question is- what IS sushi? But instead I said in a macho way patting him on the back in a way that's just extra-hard enough for the receipient to understand without others in the group thinking anything much. And then I asked in front of the whole group which was talking about the Argentina team before this idiot decided to interview me of all people about sushi:
"Hey K-, where do you go for your porn?"
He shrugged his shoulders in a way that meant what is this dehati humour, but by then all were laughing because each lawyer in the group thought they were the only one who didn't know about the insider joke so why not laugh and cover up.
There are a hundred ways to skin a cat, as they say, and next time he asks me this I will answer this way, there are a hundred ways to skin a cat, and smile ironically. This will confuse him, and he will smile for he is too scared to say that's fucking random, all he is secure about is sushi and his tie from some Burberry(Blueberry) company that's anyway coming to India and I am working on the franchise agreement and not marking him on any mails.


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