Friday, June 23, 2006

Why are you reading this???

"Is it a legal question?" The New Associate asked, stroking her face with the black stub of a Natraj pencil.
"As opposed to an illegal question?" I asked, and she threw her head back expecting me to swivel her chair in a way that most closely mimics the aggression of porn. I didn't so she pretended she was leaning back due to a stiff back, and made a big show of the back ache by kicking the chairs, and applying Tiger Balm everywhere.
I wonder why I have an effect on women. This banker keeps calling, she has even started sending me SMS notes about what is the status of this and what is the status of that. I suddenly realized she was trying to get close to me when I remembered that some of the matters she wanted my status update on were NOT EVEN RELATING TO HER BANK LEAVE ALONE TO HER.
So I also message saying hey what's up? she writes long day, and in invisible ink i can read :come over, cook dinner and make me feel like a princess.
She can fuck off. I don't want to feel like prey, no thanks. I would rather be the hero who runs after the herione who keeps pushing him away but ultimately gets used to his persistence, and starts smiling. Not like this banker. Anyway she earns more than me.


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