Friday, December 22, 2006


Some commenter fantasizes about transgendered anthromorhpic animals.
He wrote a comment that says "you are quite a prized bitch, i must say" on the post Cubicle Art.
I am actually typing this comment. I could have rejected it-if I publish comments or not is not in my control.

Sometimes I get date-proposals on the comment section with a PS [Pleeeease don't publish this]
So I am giving out an email ID you can send such flirtations to: Don't worry unlike most other men I don't have a crush on my Mummie. Shareen is, oh never mind, it's just an id so if you want to hit on me in a respectable guise (it's too unromatic if a woman proposes outright-I don't like such forwardness) and in correct grammar, then write me here. Attach a picture. Yours not your neighbor-Aunty's.


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