Friday, November 24, 2006


4-5 marriages are going on tonight. I am thinking of renting a motorcycle to navigate between them, and tie the presents on the back seat with string. But it will look so bad, arriving at a marriage in a mobike. Like I am the ex-lover of the bride or something.
So I will take my Swift.
I don't know if it is uncool to wear a shawl over a suit. I mean, I wear a suit and I feel cold. Maybe I will carry one inside the suit, and take it out if I see other decent-types wearing it.
These girls also have no shame. Why even wear a blouse if it is so low cut that it will put even Aishwariya in Kajrare to shame? How can their fathers, brothers, husbands or landlords let them leave the house looking like that?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

just chanced upon ur blog .....u rock !! absolutely awesome ....damn entertaining...dont ever stop :)) ill be back for more...

2:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you misogynistic sob. your ranting against women reminds me of those closet homosexuals who are the loudest in proclaiming their hetrosexuality. no wonder you are still single. which girl in her right mind would date a crazy like you?

10:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a shawl over your suit? talk about a fashion faux pas.. why dont you wear something UNDER it? (not the shawl!!).. a thermal or something. Just being helpful.

12:23 AM  
Anonymous Sunshine Girl said...

I love the way you write! And the way you admitted you liked SRK in one of your earlier posts... I watched KANK twice and couldn't find anyone to go with for the third time. Damn!
I've never commented here before, but I regularly read your blog. And I love the way you write and your sense of humour. By the way, is it possible to have a blog crush? 'Cos i think i have one right here :P

P.S. Are you single?

9:32 AM  
Blogger The Happy Lawyer said...

Sunshine Girl may date me. And she isn't even crazy (unless you count "crazy about" in which case she is possibly crazy about me).
Thanks. I promise to keep serving you (like lawyers serve notices and not women serve rotis) so do return for more. Who knows,what with the sexual activity on the comment threads, you may even get laid.

1:59 PM  

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