Thursday, February 08, 2007

Chicken pox

I am back.
I had chicken pox which is very unsexy, fuckers.
I wish I could say I "took off" which sounds like you would be wearing a tight shirt with oversize flowers and drinking daab-water in a foreign beach.
Anyway I have recovered now and everyone in office say Hey! to see me like I was a ghost or something.
I forgot to wear my belt but I realized it's fine even without a belt, no danger of slipping, I wonder why men wear belts. It's like some idiot women stick a safety pin to keep the sari from slipping. Big safety pin with plastic head.
I had a few of those in the lapto zip somehow so anyway I felt safe.


Anonymous chiaroscuro said...

but WHY do u have a stash of safety pins???????????

(really dissapointed shaking of head).

8:39 AM  

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