Thursday, February 08, 2007

Neem tree

Tomorrow is going to be a Bobby Night with New-Boss.
Bindra and I will be locked alone in the office till 2 am fixing the documents for typos. A page-flip, like it were a Maxim.
Ofcourse he will get the credit, like he worked and I just sort of stayed on chatting on Google. I am feeling so bitter, I can almost be a neem tree. Why does he pretend to be a friend then and say chal sutta marte hain and all? Why did he write me a testimonial on Orkut?
One thing I can do is simply not show up till afternoon. So many curious fucks will watch me passing from the corridor like I am some sort of model on a ramp and ask whathappened?whathappened? like they care like mother teresa and then I can tell them o I stayed up till 5 in the morning, and add, to show how witty I am, "this is truly a 9 to 5 job."


Blogger marcobucci said...

New bosses suck! Give him burgers, with tomatoes and ketchup. What would you put on yours?

12:37 PM  
Blogger EvolutioN said...

9 to 5 jobs are in, especially if you've got mario or doom or your system,

and oh... before i forget... we all need our interns dont we?

All of us... yes... even the bosses need interns...

Love, laughter n keep the Faith


9:45 PM  
Anonymous p.h.a.t. as p.h.a.t. can be said...

I loooooooove ur ..take on day to day life..can i please have your number?.. or mail id?...LOLOL....( cheap shot right??)..haha..

6:06 AM  
Blogger Red said...

Your boss writing you a testimonial on orkut is kind of creepy. Besides isn't orkut banned in your office.

1:57 AM  
Blogger The Happy Lawyer said...

Marco Bucci
You sound like someone of Godfather. You are very talented. I loved your art.

2:12 AM  

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