Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Banagalore law college girl

There is one girl from that Bangalore law college who sits behind me, and she's always broadcasting all sorts of information, aaj kee taaza khabar kind of thing. She was seen with him in Defence Colony, he is resigning (and the destination is a secret as per current fashion), he broke up actually he dumped her and all.
Always sending smses, talking on phone, Google Talk, leveraging all forms of technology to correct assymetrical information. She has her place in a Kenysian paradigm of a free market that stablisizes demand and supply for if other rival firms don't know your firm's secret bonus, then it is assymetrial information. But then there are these little ambassadors of the free market, these Bangalore law school girls.
So anyway so much intel talk. I just went to her and said "Hello, Happy Dhanteras."
She just looked at me like I was some porn that had emerged from her closet (I don't know you, I never did, what are you doing in my space?) and said, "So?" And shrugged her shoulders as if she was some MTV V-Jay. "Go buy a silver dildo."
Can you imagine? I told her so much for your Bangalore law school and its courses, seminars, workshops, programs, using all words for the same thing, you don't have any class on moral science or what?


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