Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Some Girl

Arre some ordinary-looking girl I liked coz I thought she was Bhagyashree in MPK but she turned out to be Seema Aunty in disguise.
So much naatak she did. I won't have dinner if you don't call. This that. Found out she was saying that while fattening herself on pasta in some Bandra restaurant with some guy college friend.
Then she kept calling to say sorry, claimed to miss two more dinners (=two dates?), what not. So I gave her that filmi line
Friendship mein no sorry no thank you
She thought I was trying to be Salman and all so she is sedated now and admits to eating dinners.

Never go by appearances, and just because someone's ugly and unhot doesn't mean they are simple.
If you believe simplicity exists, you are wrong. Everyone is complex. It's just a function of how much the girl is into you AT THE TIME you actually end up getting hooked. They will cheat eventually.
Ask them for their Gmail password as a first night wedding gift and then see.
And don't look for innocence. Just don't. And don't let the girl know you are else she will do all this Bhagyashree natak for you while being a richbitch Seema Aunty at heart.


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