Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rude application

One more girl wrote.
Actually she wrote on her sister's behalf but this girl was OLDER than this sister she was searching an alliance for, so I am wondering what's wrong.
I thought this girl who wrote isn't married. Could she be divorced? Maybe she has some genetic disease like diabetes or there is some stain in the family which will, by a pass-through mechanism, be there in younger sister also.
Anyway I wrote back, and asked so why have you decided not to get married and all. If I don't do my own DD who will, your father?
So she wrote back saying, "No I'm not married as I have not met the right guy as yet. I wrote to you about my sister because she has lower standards than me so maybe she'll go for you."
I emailed her saying it looks like you have no shame, floating your younger one's photo and details freely to strangers on the Net and then talking about high or low standards. Take care of your moral standards before that.


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