Sunday, February 18, 2007


One Girl-Lawyer who works and plays video games beside me has developed a new habit. She combs her hair every hour. Now this is rude since balls of hair float in the air and eventually hit my face. I can't tell her coz she is the type who will invent stories about me and press Send All.
I am thinking of telling her your hair is so beautiful why do you comb so often you don't need to.
Or maybe say yeah I know even my hair has started falling we age faster these days.
Or maybe I can get a nice Fab India clothbowl and just accumulate all the hair-balls. She peeps into my desk everyday as if she will see Maxim one day and do Send All. Anyway and when she sees the hair-balls, she will know. If she asks me "what is this?" as if it is more ridiculous to put an item on your table than to see someone else's space and comment.
I will say, take a guess, very mysteriously like SRK may have (before he turned slutty.)
Let's see.
Don't say dude you are such a loser why are you sharing all this.
Coz you're the one reading. Why don't you read the Economist instead or pick a random AIR and read the entire case? Try Privy Council ones-they are shorter and the English is better. Also somehow paper quality is finer if you are into eating paper-tips.
Also, I have published some comments. I had got no time to do that earlier. However I may not be able to reply to comments going. It's partly because I am busy and partly because I want to act pricey. Thanks.


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