Monday, October 23, 2006

My Fake News Clip

Unemployment Rates Rising Among Prostitutes
New Delhi, October 24 2006

The trend of casual sex in Generation X has led to an increase in unemployment rates among prostitutes.The declining demand is evidenced by a 35 year low brothel occupancy rate.
"It's those normal working girls," says Asharfi, VP, Blue Brothel Private (and Confidential) Limited. "Their consentual sex is cutting into our business." Blue Brothel is a wholly-owned subsisiary of Brothels-r-us LLC, New Orleans-based family business.
It is paradoxial that after success with intensive lobbying efforts in allowing for foreign development investment in brothels, as well as easing external commercial borrowing norms, the sector has seriously underperformed.
"We're still holding the brothel stocks," says Jayen Parekh, an analyst at Morton Staid, "But it's definitely not a bullish scrip."
25 year old Raunak Anand says, "There's no need for us to get stigmatized, and possibly infected." He is smiling, and texting a message to his girfriend. "It's best to play safe, even if there's a risk of remaining a virgin till marriage. It's simply too risky otherwise."


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