Monday, February 19, 2007

At some level

If a fucker says "at some level" he is from NLS. And arbit also.


Anonymous Ektara Lawyer said...

What's with NLS inmates anyway, are they all members of some sort of secret evil cult that propogates in breading to ensure that their teachings and values remain in thier community, which would mean that they one day will rise to anhiliate and distroy the worlds sane with they evil and diabolical schemes of wrong advise and finally prove they have superior brain and balls without a logical gameplan of where they want to go?. Its as if they have this special radioative muatated brain that only radiates signals of atitude and profesionally and personally fuck up every time??. I work with an NLS bitch who recently went to Singapore for a Doing business in India conference. She distributed white papers which had entirely wrong advise. Obviously, she did not know what FDI or her ass was and interestingly,during the trip, she alegedly had two interviews with a large firm from India(any guesses) and joins in the corporate advisory practice to advise on Doing Business and PE investment. Which unsuspecting poor innocent sop is she going to cling on to like a leach and drain blood or ideas next. I passed out from law fac and currently work in cliford chance, i am glad that i did not go to NLS. Allah, Ram, Shani, Govinda, demons of Godhra riots,Ram Jethmalani, L.K Advani, Dawood Ibraham, Haji Mastaan, manmohan singh, jesus christ, mother mary, krishna, kula shaker, metallica, red hot chilli pepers 2Pac and Dr Dre be praised!

10:48 AM  
Anonymous biabolical_anecdote said...

Which law firm ektara Lawyer....AZB???...if it is, than i canfirm that the level of intellect at that firm has dropped

11:49 PM  
Blogger The Happy Lawyer said...

some nls girl with hair as curly as maggi and now as flat as forks said you need to check your spelling and grammar in the comment.
i told her to get lost or apply to links in singapore from where she can hope to get into london if she is lucky and then she also can learn english from the original fellows.

12:30 AM  

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