Monday, March 05, 2007


Someone hacked into my account and did all this. I suspect it is the computer engineer. Fuck I thought his only job was to install spyware and read our LLM/job applications/V-Day cards and tabulate prospective moves.
Some bitchy girls would love his job, being paid to read and pass on the word about all sorts of personal mails.
Phone is also tapped I think which is why Boss has two phones. But can you tap your own phone? This is like the Santa-Banta joke, fuckers, where one snake asks another dude is our bite poisonous coz I just bit my lip.


Blogger RS said...

am amazed at the flawless transition. there is an iota of doubt as well..that somethings wrong with you...i mean either u suffer from n MPD or u r a write pas excellence.

7:32 AM  
Anonymous p.h.a.t. as p.h.a.t can be said...

hey dude/dudette!..
housewife is much ... boring...unless she manages to hack your account only once in a blue moon... i wonder what would she think of your happy ass blog!... u put down women so much..! "hai hai naaspeetey"..she might think...!!..lolol as always!

2:38 AM  

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