Thursday, March 08, 2007


Some white has written to Girl Associate suddenly saying he has realized how much he loves her and misses her.
She was telling some cousin on phone arching her chair back and obviously I was meant to overhear. It was almost impolite to continue playing Minesweeper or walk away.
So naturally after she put down a phone with a "whatever" sort of Kareena Kapoor imitation (who imitates US high school girs who imitate Valley girls) I asked her who this fellow was and why she is considering him when 2-3 other guys were also there.
She stares at me and I know she is actually thinking of something witty and rude to say (all the time thinking she is looking pretty) so I told her "have some charachter."
That is best way to put down a girl is to say this. You don't have to say why etc. or even think that way deep in your heart.
Try its some time.


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