Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Hi fuckers. I'm back after playing mindgames with y'all bitches. Yeah yeah yeah.
See I have also become cooler- way cooler fuckers.
The only problem is that the next retreat will be in some vague place in Nainital and it looks like (or to sound posher: apparently-see I have been brushing my English fuckers) Himesh Reshmaiyya has already been invited for a show.
Anyhow 2-3 girls in my colony have asked me how to get internships. This is too much, they didn't even play Holi with me last year like I was some sort of loafer.
(I'm not even that important or don't have locus as the NLS fucks would say) so I just said "we are not hiring now" like they were taxis or something coz otherwise they would feel I was not cool if I could not get them in and be some Jack or some slang they use. It is a meritocracy anyway.


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