Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Reasons I survive

Life is troubling me more than usual. When I am under the flyover and quickly sneak to buy carrots coz they are cheaper and anyway auto is stagnant in traffic jam, I have started thinking of how shrewd I am and how I will make senior associate in one year's time and sit like purple royalty reviewing stuff for the very important State business work. Sometimes I suspect my firm is in-house counsel for the Government but what the fuck it's the best firm so what the hell and it treats its men well with separate loos and all and drop-back facility at night when it is unsafe.

These are complaints I like to flash when I need some more time on Orkut but need the bonus also:
  • I was cut out by the team senior/other team members: This means I can choose to not work through the deal and only hyperventilate on a few select issues and loudly; not take any initiative or apply my mind to issues- and still emerge self-righteous and also stain the workers in the bargain. When I know the team leader is working too hard, this is my favourite.

  • I was micromanaged: This is a sub-set of the earlier. Except that it imputes less mala fide on the team leader/others so this means they will not approach my whine with an organized approach. This fools them into thinking I like to think of their benefit- how they can delegate more and sleep easy and also tweak the ego by implying some tasks are too low for them. Ofcourse the deal is that I HAVEN'T performed though the reason is I was micromanaged but nooone thinks of that. Even if they do, the word "micromanage" has a cool ring to it, a little like "value-addition."
  • I know more: This is tricky and can only work on the Approvals chapter of a travel company as I have done 3 such. I am a specialist in the Approvals section of travel companies. So the review is for the sake of spending ink, and the law is a secret that is unfolded to me first, like Japan and the sun.

  • I was yelled at: This has potential but then there is too much curiosity to know WHY I was yelled at. It is like drinking the bathwater and throwing the baby also. Coz before the issue of "yelling/being rude is bad- all must behave like host-boys/geishas come what may", there is a preliminary issue out of cheap curiosity is: WHY were you yelled at? Then a coming-out ceremony is forced to take place and the complain basically reads: despite, however, nonetheless.
There are 4-5 others but also but


Blogger manolin * said...

i hear happy associate is happier

12:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what exactly the fuck is this?

this blog is supposed to be for our entertainment and not supposed to be a crib sheet for you. so stop baring your wounded heart here.

3:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

....have you been made partner?...

Call me, lets have sex....

Yours truely,

Amarchand Mangaldas

4:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beware of a silent dog and still water.

9:06 PM  

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