Friday, August 11, 2006

New Associate

New Associate is slowly aging. He has started hitting me at the back, coming from behind. Because light reflects on my computer screen, I have spider vision and I can see what's going on behind me.
He reads what I am working on for a full 10 seconds before he slaps my back. He thinks I don't know that.
Sometime I will surprise him by clapping my fists on his face, at the 8th second, just 2 seconds before I know he will register his presence with a backslap.
Curious fucker, why don't you just ask me what I am doing. I will tell you. It will make you so insecure you will stop circling me like a cobra.


Blogger manolin * said...

i love this post..too funny. i do it once in a while and i am sure the associate i do it to is going to hit me one day...he doesn't have to bother with light to fgure out, there is a glass wall on one side..

11:59 PM  

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