Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Serious Post

Every two minutes I realize how important my work is. Deals are sealed on the basis of our work. Like a vigilant vigrin, we can't afford to nurture the foetus of a litigation in any document we sign. That is why we are good lawyers.
We sell perfection.
That is why I want to clarify that if you see any typos or para misalignments on my blog, please do not take it as an index of my professional skills. I did start a law blog once but noone visited it, like the cubicle of an unpopular guy.
I feel that we all work hard (atleast in our respective opinions) and we deserve a healthy break to smile and laugh.
Especially when in front of our computers so people around us see us happy and think we are getting all the best assignments, and all the credit too.


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