Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dance-dance, drink-dance, drink-drink

At this dance-club, I didn't know what to do. Young crowd of boys, all with shirts half-tucked out, wearing all their sisters' dowry jeweley, unshaved, looking like someone has slapped them thirty times.
I could not move my head at the music beat because that also felt odd. To make it worse, I got burnt by a thin girl's cigarette stub and screamed Ow! like she had pinched my body part.
Some 19 year old with dyed hair stared at me, thinking he was Jonny Depp.
Anyway, all this is a big hassle.

It is like that old Amul ad
I am too old
To wear a necklace
Too young to
Have a paunch
But I think I'm just right
For an expensive beer.


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