Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So what

Someone said that this blog was bitter. Someone else said it was crass.
If someone is bitter, they will not write about the firang's odd dog, some social website, this-that, conference call culture. It's all so general. I never feel bitter, so why should I blog bitter? Noone wants to read bitter stuff, they want something light and fluffy like a good idli at Sagar. Which this is.
Crass. Yes, I am a little crass. Atleast I am not like Foriegn-Return associate who smiles and says something nasty and you can't even slap him tightly coz he is smiling. And name any Impressionist artist, I can spot his paintings, like we used to spot momuments for ICSE exams. I know my Monet from my Manet. I know that Edward Munch'd Scream is the classic Expressionist painting, made in 1894. That means I know what Expressionism is (proof that Germans can be inspired to paint, outside of the Nazi passion. Hee Hee. See? High class quality humour.)
Now that I have made my points, I shall leave. I have forgotten my laptop at home so I need to stuff the laptop bag with a lot of paper so noone suspects this carelessness. Ofcourse I can't be seen leaving just with an empty laptop bag. How will people know? Some guy- lawyers try to hold my hands, pat my files, squeeze the laptop bag. What I can also do is have a very involved conversation on the cell phone with an imaginary client. That way people at work will be so busy overhearing the conversation they won't notice the oddness of the laptop bag. And I will leave the phone on silent mode in case someone calls while I am pretending to talk.


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