Monday, October 23, 2006

Jealous Girl

Today I was passing by the corridor and staring at the modern art on the wall. Basically some fellow threw paint on paper, and sold it for ten lakh rupees. Why buy all this, I say. Let us throw paint also in the retreat, it will be a team-building thing also, and you will save money. Rest you can distribute as bonus, or condom-allowance (tax-saving, population-saving, anti-AIDS is cool so image-building.)
Anyway why I am talking so much like a girl non-stop.
So I heard one girl say to another, "I think he is special." I stooped to tie my shoelaces like a Roadside Romeo when some girl is going to pass, and the girls could not see me.
Then the same girl said, "Arre special in the way mentally slow kids are you know, special?" And they laughed so shrill, I really thought the glass on the partner doors will break.
So why so jealous girl-lawyer, coz I am getting more fame with bosses? Or becoz you need some object to laugh at- to make yourself forget that you haven't shaved your hairy face for 3 hours?


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