Saturday, April 28, 2007

He Man

Some girl was like Hey you played with HeMan when you were small?
So I go, no babes I am more of a G I Joe kind of guy.
Then she's like, so what video game is your favorite? I like Mario Brothers.
I know she's trying to be cool coz actually she can play Minesweeper [that's what she does while she isn't poking into her co-associate's work like a ferret] so I go: my favorite is and then I'm thinking fuck I don't know the cool new games. Fuck.
So I am like- I don't enjoy video games. I just like you know, and I stopped. And pretended to get distracted and said Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey like the cool dudes say Nice Earrings.
And then she starts shuffling all the paper [for Approvals Section] and says Thanks wanna borrow?
I said sure you want to borrow my shirt? I can also lend you know and slipped away from her Opium-perfumed cubicle like a bad memory.


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