Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mausi recco

One associate from a big school in a big city was acting too cool with me. So when he left the table and then obviously he became the topic of the table I said, "He's great fun to work with, as long as he isn' t given a deadline."
This is what I call a Mausi-recco. Like the one given to Mausi of Sholay by Amitabh. A recommendation in bad faith, colored as an affectionate remark.
I am soon practicing to become the kind of Mausi reccos. Yeah he is good-looking especially when in college, like, he hadn't put on so much stress on his face then you know. Why am I talking about guy-looks, fuckers anyway just go finish your deadlines instead of wasting time here and then complaining that you have to work for so long. Suckers.


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