Thursday, April 19, 2007


The sea in the retreat is still singing in my ears. (That's how poetic I feel after finishing reviewing a shareholders' agreement of 3 Sindhi brothers for a brick-kiln company)
Soon they will start advertising justified as a strategy to to build up some glamour before the IPO and also to know some media people for Filmfare Awards passes.
In fact this client is most pro-active. He sends us associates sandwiches and vada paavs and all through the night, and also sent 2-3 stenos to help us format the document.
So basically we have no excuse coz usually the excuse is formatting na, documents getting corrupted and what not. These stenos do not work and are basically spies. One thin steno in the checkered shirt looks at me a little too much Ok and I am trying to draft Risks section hoping he will just leave me alone what have I done wearing such decent clothes and not even laughing-giggling too much


Anonymous chiaroscuro said...

gooood to have the priceless paranoia back!

12:35 AM  

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