Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Auditor scrap

This auditor is suddenly turning over-friendly. He sent me a sms about my nice ring tone and then I saw he added me as a friend in Orkut.
He is about 43 years old or so which is too-much I mean if he was a 24 year old girl it was different. Anyway so I was hoping he has not scrapped me but when I logged in again in Orkut there was his scrap with his photo in a checked office shirt saying "What sort of comfort can I give you?" as if auditor comfort letter can be unilaterally negotiated by me that too over website.
So I deleted his scrap.
Anyway, auditors are the last resort of the truly desperate working group. If blaming the lawyers fail, and then blaming the company fails, and then blaming the experts and the ILC fails (though ILC give little scope for all-this), and one day is left before accounts turn stale then the secret handshake among the warring factions is to point Blackberry-worn fingers at the auditor. How long he took if auditing, etc and to make a good hedge for this negotiations with auditor start really late, like how a quarrelsome crew in an ocean liner would toss a safety boat into a roaring sea at the first sign of sinking.
Anyway I need to get to work and so many spies are there at work, that too in my office, that sometimes I feel we should open a detective agency and serve nice biscuits at the meeting and nice coffee also to clients.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ohh c'mon...get over it.. so you got a blackberry...and that too finally when the whole world's(every average indian lala lawyer)has been useing it for over 4 years now..

Sheesh!... you sound like Shobha de in 1992 when she came once on Amul India Show trying to show off the fact that she's saying she watches MTV.. what's worse, is that she says, "I watch it with my children"...and we are ok with nudity..."WE" are ok with "NUDITY"..!!???>>!!!!!!!!!!!! on MTV..??.!!. your watching the wrong channel bitch...!.. and your showing off with the wrong office device pickle dick.!..

THe day you get an iPhone, get your own chamber and have your own blow-job boys...then post..not before that..

and by the suck.!

Get a

4:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

they serve nice biscuits in this office though!

8:03 AM  

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