Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Your Quota of Serious Reading

So another day has dusked (why always "dawned") taking with it a feather of a passing pigeon, a heartbreak, a Registrar's MoU.....

Somehow girls love it when I write like this and I get all sorts of mail which I know are disguised proposals from girls but I am the Dude, unfazed, and walk to the neighborhood bar, sit on a wood stool with a big cap (like they wear in Zoo or in Western movies), and smoke a cigarette making an imaginary duck in the air with the smoke. Basically this is an attitude so when I walk in Karol Bag careful of not touching semi-washed elbows of the Crowd, this is what I am, the man with a hat, the smoke, the duck.

And you all know by now that the best part of my job is the Registrar's MoU. It's got even more exciting due to the May 08 Regs re intermediaires -and registrars are intermediaries. Only hope is that Ad Agency guy will not comment- this is his favourite agreement, followed by some distance by the Issue Procedure chapter.

I think I need to go back coz the final Banker has confirmed the draft so now I have to pass on the parcel to the Company, silver bow and all, tied to perfection as I learnt to in my school day embroidery classes. And that's a metaphor before y'all call me a Gay.


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