Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Found in Translation

Some associates were reviewing (cut/pasting from) Bengali to English translated copies of litigation papers. Apparently, the translated copies had references to a lot of boy-boy cheap humour and all.
So the more intelligent one suspected that it was the translator who was acting too smart.
It became a filing bottleneck, as all was done and delivered and even the auditors had finished circling and colouring and were now playing around. So I was like, chuck it, let's put "We don't have a few litigation papers some of which may be material" in Risk factor and slip a line in cover letter, promising we will add at RHP stage so the other DLC just pasted it on coz it was last minute and all, and no time for ILC re-sign off.
But problem came when after filing someone discovered that the dubious translations had actually made it into the SEBI-filed document and litigation section was not fit to be read by some sort of decent government official, black spectacles, checkered shirt, moustache, paperweight and all.
Now I am fearing SEBI interim observations, what they will say and am too shy to ask translator so I just told associate in a faint-voice to "work things out" which basically means find a way by which the entire working group takes liablitiy for things. Also known in cooler circles as "keeping them in the loop" by the way.
Then I even felt like asking translator to translate some of the more difficult cases from English to easier English; giving him DRHP drafting style etc. But doubt if clients will pay for it and bankers also will raise issues.
Let us wait for US to do it; then we can copy in name of global convergence.
Bye. Don't spend too much time on the Internet and especially don't talk to strangers too much.


Blogger Piggy Little said...

you would be quite surprised to know that most SEBI officials do not meet your black spectacles, checkered shirt, moustache, paperweight and all description at all.

you must surely have been inside the building i am guessing, and most officers and those at the executive level are far more sophisticated looking than the usual picture of the government officials we have.

10:02 PM  

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