Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Talking again

CFOs are like rich toddlers. They want new toys to play with all the time. With current market valuations, QIPs are just a memory. (I love quickie DDs so I will miss them); IPOs are not happening so some CFOs are toying with buy-backs- atleast it will increase EPS as shares will decrease; or bonus which is like a child messing in its own porridge bowl as it just rearranges; and changes nothing except ofcourse you can offer your shares at a lower price to the public while retaining your dignity and valuation.

Anyway so one girl with a loose character approached me for "dinner and drinks" Now I am a little confused: does this mean dinner followed by drinks at a separate cooler venue or does it mean dinner and then alchohol alongside instead of fresh lime soda? Or is it some sort of code word for cheap behaviour?

Luckliy I don't care coz I am so busy attending imaginary kick-offs. Bye. Wear some lipstick.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

'a' loose character?
your language has gone for a toss.

10:47 AM  

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