Friday, January 04, 2008

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One Girl-Associate who is too attractive to be taken seriously has sent some mark-ups on my document.
So I could either act hostile or flirtatious. These are the only two social choices capital markets presents you with. B-B is a little complex (I mean boy to boy) but boils down to same thing only with dude and some shoulder-squeezing maybe even a back-rub depending on hair style of boy in question.

So I could either act hostile or flirtatious. So I just mailed back OK, thanks dear with a smiley. Too bad for me it went reply-all to everyone, including the auditor (same one who leaves me Orkut scraps about comfort letters). So last thing I wanted to do was mail recall coz then everyone will keep all their SEBI filings aside and read THAT mail only.

She just now replied "wtf" but only marked to me and also to some Orkut-girl who I scrap a lot. What a malicious Girl-Associate. Anyway, she has just joined the hallowed portals of the billboard which screams "The Girls Who Stalked Me Once While I Was Young and Often Doing DD"


Blogger mistercrowley said...

bwahahahahaha....too funny

How come I never got stalked by random women associates while doing DD?

Oh, yeah..that's why I skipped over to litigation, hmm

7:32 AM  

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