Friday, December 21, 2007

Showing off my English little-bit

So now to hedge my bets against women who believe a guy who loves poetry is better than guy with a better bonus here goes:

Day and night my toils redouble,
Never nearer to the goal;
Night and day, I feel the trouble
Of the Wanderer in my soul.

These lines
Are not mine
They reside
On a website
Which contains
Poems about love
Death and Earth [caps make words deeper]
Oh, and nature and birth
Especially by some

So the extract was from a poet called Wordsworth. But why should I put (c) and dilute my borrowed genius?

The art of appreciation lies in selection. Like in picking the right template for a DRHP not in manually drafting Issue Procedure again (other than amendments for PAN and the pursuit of other delights)

I am thinking of adding copyright violation as additional cover letter item.


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