Thursday, December 20, 2007

Everyone knows, if you can deal with a real estate company, you can deal with anyone including your own annoying self.

These are the companies that make you thank your choice of professions, pushy bankers, huge Word documents, tedious typos and coughing printers. Because you could have, in a different birth (I am Hindu) been working for a real estate company.

Anyway in recent drafting session, left-lead banker exchanged souls with post-issue banker and underwriters counsel also had big identity crisis and thought it was company counsel with fetching pending data like e-mails of bankers to the company (circulating items more micro than cheap clothes some women in Nach Baliye wear); then CFO became auditor and started giving comfort letters as if he was autographing accounts. Auditor became like compliance department of bulge bracket bank and kept commenting on fine drafting points of MoU coz some Idiot Lawyer marked him also on mails and we are all coded to reply to emails if any one receipient has replied. Towards the end, everyone got into a commenting fury till I realized I was commenting on my own draft, that too aggressively making rude remarks, scratching a whole page and writing "JUSTIFY" [mean to be formatting but hoped some suckers would wonder if it meant explain]

Anyway now I do not know what to do. Now that auditor is officially in loop we cannot reply on him to buy time. And by the way, ad agency guys is sending sharp comments on timings mentioned in Issue Procedure.

All this is too much. They say I should get married but like a good portfolio company I want to wait, get a better valuation and then float myself like a cruiser.

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