Monday, January 28, 2008

Drafting session

Some girl came to meeting wearing such a short skirt that it became difficult not to giggle with the boys, nudge them and when she turned to her left, then wink at the oil-slicked hair Borivalli Boy sitting next to her and texting furiously on his N95.

After she made 5-6 class-participation points at the drafting session, cleverly touching on points only she would know and I was too busy working on some other deal on the laptop at the meeting, and not as if bankers or opposite counsel would be aware of those esoteric points as bankers are just bankers and opposite counsel, well, he was an intern posing as senior associate (i.e. not taking down notes with a passion) such as forex law amendments and some other "recent amendments". Now this "recent amendment" even I know is a googly- even if you read an amendment a month ago you can never be sure coz maybe the reference is to some amendment that came yesterday when you were too busy to read the paper and only got time to read matrimonial (that too those in bold and yellowed) and astrological signs of myself, my latest crush (bough my iPod last April so it is Aries heehee) and my Mom ofcourse.

Anyway turns out this girl in a short skirt was quite knowledgeable (coz I had done same issue in a prior deal, so I know the issue, pre-IPO placement stuff, so I was passively listening and Orkutting also).

Bye. Let me end abruptly and mess with your mind.


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