Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Last week I attended a drafting party. The cookies and drinks were average; the pizza was reasonably fresh and as for the girls, none sober enough for me to think of marrying. As for the boys, one had a decent hair-cut but how do I care.

I felt like a chorus boy. Coz Client will not understand the importance of the issue till it is repeated like the chorus of an Anu Malik song. Anu Malik's a decent analogy coz when an idea/class-participation point surfaces, we-all have to pick up on it, and reword it. Sometimes when things get boring, I don't even reword. I just say the same lines but with a very piercing gaze so Ahuja CFO gets mesmerized. Makes up for the fact that these days I do not shave daily though I know the scruffy look is not cool anymore due to Savariya Boy and all.

Anyway some Associate returned from Switzerland with Toblerone I suspected he just bought at Alpha in Anderi. I mean if you go to Switzerland it just means you have watched too many Shah Rukh Khan films and that you have too much in common with flocks of Gujaarti aunties from Rajkot. So this Associate after the drafting party talked about it there is no other country in the world or like there is noone else in the world who has visited Abroad.

I reminded him about my famous trip to Germany said Ya a few times. And then I asked him about Swiss IPOs and someone the room emptied, and the lyrics of a soulful song burst from his tight suit. Transparent rivers, bells of cows echoing in the valley and what-not you won't even believe. So I felt little uncomfortable I mean we are dudes after all what is he talking about bells and all for. Idiot. Turns out what he later added about Swiss IPOs was wrong anyway coz I Googled.

I am thinking of getting married by the way. It is important. Soon I will be seen as someone who can only get what is left. But what is left is often what is right. Coz the idiots first pick what glitters which is often not gold. Also being seen as a married boy will give me some respite from the increasingly Fast Girls who keep calling while I am pretending to work and distracting me. All kinds of excuses like I lost my phone so can you give me so-and-so's number, can you check my resume pleeeasssee and then leave those Google Talk wannabe-nurturing lines like "don't work too hard it's too late".

Bye. I am kind of sick of y'all truth be told.


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