Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Some boy said some thing about a girl but used male gender. And someone else said, that is a Freudian slip, that is a Freudian slip.
The Berry Internet is slow so I could not Google but I did think what the slip was, some sort of receipt, some sort of undergarment, some sort of escape.
Anyway then I found out it was a shrink sort of person who got famous on a very obvious theory which everyone forcefully has to find intellectual. Like Andy Wahrol's art; and Kafta's story especially Metamorphosis where a man turns into some sort of mosquito; like Italian espresso cofffee (so expensive in such small cup that too); Swiss fondue (reeks of old cheap cooking wine); truffles (I would rather eat a fresh kaochori fried in the spice-filled lanes of the heartland, a cow behind the scooter).
So I don't think much of Freud. Ofcourse once I was studying for Civils; then all-this would have been useful.
Bye. Don't think my English is bad but- do you know the meaning of sangfroid? I do. So now you go and read Sebi Standard Obs. Or Goldilocks if you are a fairytales-kind-of-guy.


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