Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Today while killing time with others by drinking from an empty cup, coffee long-gone, I said with very distant eyes the kind that make me look like Shah Rukh of 90s, "Time flies."

So Slapping Girl-Associate sips from her empty cup which has stolen her lipstick, and says like a fighter-cock, "Yeah so? Why shouldn't it? It won't sit, like still?"

I gave her an eye-slap and said, why are you here hanging around for last one hour. Alteast you can pretend to work.

She got so shocked that sometimes even I can say bad words that she was like, "dude, what's wrong with you today?"

So I was like, "Why? Can't I be wrong today?" imitating her fighting style but something sounded bit off, so I hurried back to the computer. Anyway my Orkut was open didnt want peons and all to be sending friend-requests from my account to gigolo-type boys.


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