Thursday, June 05, 2008

Internally Reviewed

To write something is being "internally reviewed" waves a wand in the mind, and we think of four men, an oak table, staring at a document (and ocassionally at each other), a magnifying glass, the echoes of a clock etching time on the neat wall.

Actually it just means an early 20s boy is too busy flirting on Facebook to take the time to do homework, chat with Senior about the answer, and has sent a "please keep quiet till I tell you to talk" mail to the working group.

I love early 20s boys for their ease of operations. Early 20s boys have the zest for life, can catch an amendment in the air and spin it like pizza dough, they are the best movie and car critics, their screensavers and yells make the office a livelier place and the world easier to work in, and they can format like a machine.

Many are frequently attractive as the hair-losing starts only after 25.5, not like a dude like me cares but am just being objective. I have my bike, my buddies (not all Orkut-types, please) and when I wear that red Raga shirt, I feel like King, man. I even have an imaginary guitar.

I say this since I am now no longer in my early 20s. I am in fact in my mid-twenties, don't like Heidi Klum and other too thin foreign IPL cheerleader type so much (I was forced to like them due to peer pressure) and now prefer the more real ones like those in ad with sthethescope to the ear and even the new sleazier avtaar of Amrita Rao and all this means I am just being pulled closer to my roots. I even pray sometimes, not in an obvious sort of way by visiting temples and all like a child-wanting wife bribing God by extra attention, but you know, by say buying a cool Ganesh from a cool shop and putting it on the desk and not caring a damn. That sort of thing.

The mid-20s are fun. I know who I am, don't hate myself for it. I am still young, most girls around my age are either not married and happy which makes them easy to be with, or not married and desparate to be so, which just makes them easy. I win both ways.

Like y'all know, I rock. Or is that too 2005? I'm a little nervous about using slang these days.


Blogger Perakath said...

Haha come on Heidi Klum is very attractive!

Hair loss doesn't necessarily begin after 25.5 *sniff*

11:12 PM  

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