Tuesday, July 08, 2008


The windows of the building open out like curious eyes. A creeper embroiders the brick, and when it rains, its leaves nod.

Yeah, I wrote that. If you like that kind of writing, then chances are I will like you. Not because you appreciated that, but because you liked what I wrote. People are like that, simple and easy to please.

Like Slapping Girl-Associate. I told her she is thinning like Kareena Kapoor and she smiled. In her mind, this was a compliment from an eligible boy, fair and well-placed, with car even.

I did not tell her I feel she looks like a fourteen year old boy, the one at the Mallad vegetable shop. Wonder why he smiles so much when he sees me; I feel like telling him you have got three nails painted red and a shirt that says Hey Barbie the joke is on you.


Anyway, a banker-boy with a thick voice called about research black-out dates and all, arguing why our note was more conservative than Chapter IX. I spoke to him for long and we are going for Maid of Honour on Friday.


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