Wednesday, May 30, 2007


One girl-lawyer thinks she is a MTV VJ. I think I will tell her you look so manly we should just called you Vijay. But then she will slap me.
Anyway so today she was like so dude, etc etc Now when a girl calls a guy dude you know that behind the back she bitches about him. Mathematically flipping the axiom over like a Sagar dosa, if some girl does not bitch about you it is also very likely that she does not call you dude.
(I know some of you have not understood it but you then you may as well pretend you do and smile)
Once more this girl-lawyer VJ-woman calls me dude and just see I will start calling HER dude and that girls hate I know. Saw how sly I am?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Canter on lady, you are stunning!

2:32 AM  

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