Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Do you?

Do you have some gossip to share about your firm or someone else's? Send me stories identifying the firm and the situation.
Don't forget your credit card number.
Today Female Boss has put so much perfume I think she must be going to meet some very important Ministry. When meeting firangs she normally does not smell like a garland of roses. She laughs more, is freers. In the Ministry, she behaves very sober coz she is a woman like a respectful nayee bahu. Else they will think she is loose and client will get affected.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey here is some gossip....its abt this incompetent lawyer in a big firm from a big college who thinks that just because she/he (hereinafter “IT”) got good marks in college by sucking up to profs IT is jesus christ.....sometimes i wonder why do people talk abt standards going down when they were already down..i think IT is planning to make a move to a big four firm in firang land.....poor guys these firangs...i cant be complaining…good riddance..and then the field will be levelled….so desi firms wont complain…..these firang firms....they dont know what they are getting into.....that its worse then dealing with punju aunties and behanjis in south hall or that Laden dude in Afghanistan Iraq US etc......i have recently recommended IT to a UN committee planning to draft the constitution of Somalia….the work involves living in Somalia and trying to understand the laws of gut totting 17 year olds (I hope IT gets some personal interaction time too)…should be fun…..two equal set of parties with no knowledge of law trying to work together….thats what I call a level playing field

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