Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some people say this blog is getting less funny. I will retaliate like a true jerk and say your sense of humour is going to the dogs.
Anyway one girl-intern likes me coz whenever I smile at her she smiles back. Anyway how do I care. I just don't care. She may join, she may join. Anyway now she is asking me out. Actually I only told her want to go for dinner and she was like OK fine whatever.
Anyway now she thinks I am a mentor and comes to me for advice on starting sals at competing firms etc and she does not realize I use her to get info of starting sals as much as she uses me coz I am also so curious or rather "aware." So she is like, should I accept the offer. I was like there is no offer but she is like IF I get an PPO. I was like we will talk then when you do. Am I am fool sitting in some firm where some intern can take for granted she will get PPO.
Bye for now. Enjoy your lame lives.


Anonymous niyati said...

and i think you're getting better and better.

11:26 AM  

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