Monday, June 04, 2007

He is off

I have got to know that the bugger who sits in the opposite cubicles (the Same Level Associate with sweaty palms-don't ask me how I know re palms OK) well he is off to do some LLM in UK
When he will publicly declare I dont know but it is too much just watching him call friends for dorm rates what courses to choose and what not.
If he tells in advance atleast firm can hire someone to substitute him why give them a shock or actually pleasant surprise in his case hee hee hee.
I don't talk to him at all coz he knows I dislike him and it is odd when I go for smoke and see only him there coz then I have to arrange myself in a spot where it is not too close so I am forced to talk about cricket and bonuses and all or not too far as if I am shy from him. Best is to look very in-your-own-world that way he will not expect any sort of socializing from me. Anyway he has sweaty palms it is too much at times but then there is only so much you can blog about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Disappeared? Or are you also working on your LL.M (or visa) application?

11:14 PM  

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