Friday, July 20, 2007


I am on a secret diet. It seems too pansy-type to like, say, oh-I am dieting. It is like fasting to get a good wife (which I only did once or maybe max twice-thrice) coz I don't want to be paying alimony and for her brother's foreign education and what not.
Anyway now I am hungry so I will eat an orange and also arrange some biscuits around the desk by throwing them loosely on the table. That way noone will suspect.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


There are other things you could consider too. Stop smiling entirely. Like never. No exceptions. RealMen are not affected by anything. You could let a sardonic gleam flicker past ur eyes sometimes but that it. NO SMILING EVER.

Also like Nana Patekar said, no killing mosquitoes. Seriously. i know thats sacrificng a lot in delhi, but what to do. Its a difficult road to be on ..the ReMan (like rehab).

Hmm..what else. Yeah, No Speaking to Girls. They are lower beings. Even if they are office mates. Email was invented for a reason you know.

Also you gotta avoid tea ..there's something effeminate abt it.

Oh, and join boxing classes somewhere. Pugilist ears/skills! The girls will fall like ninepins (not sure if i intend the pun).

You don't shave (too often) do u? Also u gotta sign off mails with 'cheers' or 'enjoy'. I'd love to write 'Floss' but then i'm a girl and write crappy stuff only :((

Also u mustn't ever agree with girls, which means u shouldn't agree with any of this. Hmmm. what a conundrum.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hilarious comment. hats know...the kind i might wear when i get picked up by a british firm from this sweaty bombay office...

i love this blog

12:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon, you said no speaking to girls.........what about speaking to partners, the managing partner, the assistant managing partner, the wife-in-charge managing parnter, the gay-pet-tax-boy-cum-librarian-to-the-managing partner, the secretary-to-the-managing partner-who-thinks-he's-managing partner, the partners, the ex-partners, the partners-sexual-partners, the partners wifes, the partners-wife's-sexual-partners...???...any consideration here??..or does this blog serve the purpose...

4:26 AM  

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